Baavhai Uul Lithium Brine

With one of the largest exploration licences in Mongolia, ION Energy is poised to become a significant player in Asia’s booming Lithium market.

About this project

  • 80,000+hectares, highly prospective for Lithium brine.
  • Average grade 426ppm Lithium. Max grade 811ppm Lithium.
  • Low Potassium and Magnesium ratios.
  • High evaporation and low precipitation endorheic basin, no outflow to external bodies of water.
  • All holes drilled contain significant levels of Lithium

Large Land Package


Favourable Geochemistry

Favourable For Production

The location

geological profile

  • Low potassium and magnesium ratios: favourable for large crystal formation at licence altitude and temperature.
  • Aquifers about 20m below surface: Cretaceous volcanic and sedimentary rocks are the most suitable aquifer for the enrichment of lithium (light green areas).
  • Brine vs hard rock sources = lower production costs.
  • Gobi Desert: arid environment with high evaporation rates

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